Size:12.5”w x 11”h x 12.5”d (in) 31.75w x 27.94h x 31.75d (cm) Medium:porcelain, underglazes, glazes

Plates Out of Clay

Size:7.5”w x 7.5”h x 0.2”d (in) 19.05w x 19.05h x 0.5d(cm) Medium:porcelain (performative work) Year:2015

Personal Space Series

Size:10”w x 10”h x 11”d (in)25.4w x 25.4h x 27.94d (cm) Medium:porcelain, metal wire, glass,


Size:54”w x 63”h x up to 9”d(in) (each: up to 4”w x 10”h x 9”d(in))137.16w

Self-Portrait 2015

Size:34”w x 50”h x 5”d (in)86.36w x 127h x 12.7d(cm) Medium:Earthenware clay, Porcelain, Metal wire,

Self- Sheltering

 Medium:wood, plaster, thread, pencil, pen, acrylic colour Year:2015